Failure to Launch


I had breakfast this week with a guy who is a self-described serial entrepreneur (this phrase always makes me think of cap’n crunch), and an extremely successful business strategist in the marketing and real-estate space.


There were 2 big takeaways that continue to rattle around in my head after walking away from our pretentious lattes at Starbucks:

  1. He encouraged me to fail. A lot.
  2. The only way to know of an idea will work is to hustle.

I’m terrified of failure. Although all the books I read and the people I listen to seem to be enthralled with the idea of failing; I hate it. But, what I’m beginning to learn is that failure is truly the first step to great success. I’ve tried to apply this to my interactions with clients, and in my strategies for execution. When I (or heaven forbid, you) fail; that’s a sign to push harder and smarter to figure it out next time.

Secondly, hustling is something that I assume I do already, but am realizing I have a lot of room to grow in the effort arena. I love the word hustling because it makes me feel like I’m a pro athlete “on my grind” or a pool-shark with a charismatic/edgy personality that inevitably dupes the bad guys/wins the girl/becomes a hero.

But, in reality, hustling looks a lot more like doing the extra hour of research, making the extra phone call, or shaking one more hand in order to make the connection that changes the game. Much less idealistic.

So, that’s the idea today. Work really hard and fail. Happy Friday.

Eventually, it’s all going be worth it.

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