Quick Post, Big Idea: Vision


Don’t have a whole lot of time for an exhaustive post. I suppose buying a house, starting some major personal projects, and hitting the spring stride at work will do that to you!

However, I did want to briefly write a note concerning “Vision.” Vision is a oft-used term in business-ese that can be used to compensate for lack of strategy, or to vaguely address a group’s concerns. For example, I’ve heard many leaders state that x, y, and z opportunities aren’t ideal for an organization because they don’t rightly align with “THE VISION.”

While this may be true, the key component of vision is not creating or casting it. Rather, the secret sauce behind engaging consumers, a community, a digital audience, your team, etc. with a vision is communicating it in a compelling manner, and transforming your audiences into vision casters themselves.

Andy Stanley has this podcast that speaks more eloquently and exhaustively than I ever could. Give it a listen if you have a few moments.


There are numerous examples I could cite to demonstrate,however, a few quickly pop into my head. I’m currently training for a Tough Mudder, and have been introduced to a crazy culture that has grown a tribe obsessed with thrills and racing through a crystal clear (I’m withholding any mud-related puns here) vision for fitness and community.

Similarly, I’ve been working out at a Crossfit box, recently. Want to talk about living a vision? These guys take it to the next level.

The craziest part about both of these communities? They’ve grown their audiences and spread their vision almost exclusively through one medium: digital. 

Vision is truly a team sport. How are you engaging your audience (digital or analog) to live your vision today?

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