Your Small (Big Ripple) Impact

The internet is like an enormous lake. Often times, an article, video, or story will toss a pebble into that grand lake  that causes a tiny ripple. For whatever reason, common folk like myself don’t tend to believe we’ll ever cause a ripple (and certainly not a wave) to be formed due to some content or message pushed out from our limited perspective.




Recently, I’d definitely fallen into this scenario. It seemed that although I’d been casting ideas and vision into the lake of projects, conversations, and frankly, this blog; the water was resistant to my pebbles breaching the surface and causing an impact.

Then, tonight after work, I met up with some guys who I don’t get to hang out with very often, and the topic of my blog came up. One guy in particular seemed to be genuinely interested in the content posted here, and even mentioned he had shared the content with some of his roommates and friends.

What a huge encouragement. 

This kind fellow was simply discussing some of the ideas he appreciated (specifically from “Monday is Coming: Set Your Mind Above”). However, the impact on someone whose mind has seemed to be restrained and rejected was endless. He informed me of my ripple effect, which in turn tossed a new pebble into the lake of my psyche.

So, what’s the point? You have no clue what your audiences (clients, customers, target demos, friends, colleagues, etc.) are experiencing at any given moment. As humans, we’re created to communicate. The fact that you have a message to communicate is all the motivation and reason you need to find a medium and transfer those ideas to a greater audience. You don’t know who is in need of that message, and you can’t begin to know how big your ripple will become. Gather your confidence, find your platform, and share.

Oh,  and if you’d be so kind, let me know where you’re spreading your ideas.  I can’t wait to feel the ripple.



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