The Diet of Legend: My Personal Review

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with sales or marketing. 
However, I am a HUGE believer in health and fitness, and believe 
every professional needs to take fitness seriously. So…


Many of you have approached me over the past few months regarding the “diet of legend” that I followed (borderline fanatically) for the first three months of this year. While I’m not currently attacking this diet, I do plan on demolishing it (or a similar diet) this fall. Again, this is not a usual post, but since I’ve had so many questions regarding it; here’s how it went down:


  • This diet follows a path written out by an author by the name of Joe Warner. Joe was a fitness editor for a magazine in the UK, and he did this diet as at test case. His results are stunning.
  • 12 weeks: Let me just say, 12 weeks is longer than it initially sounds. For whatever reason this number did not concern me at the onset of the diet. It should have. By about week 3 I was seriously doubting my life-decisions and whining an above-healthy amount. By week 8 I had stopped craving the “old foods” as much and was focused on the finish line.
  • High Protein: Almost every meal consisted of meat and vegetables (including breakfast). I learned to love Greek Yogurt through this diet, and have essentially cut my former mistress of bread out of my life entirely. Sidebar: Steak feels weird as a regular breakfast food at first, but becomes a welcome addition to the morning routine.
  • High greens/vegetables: This was the biggest adjustment I had to make. Eating vegetables at every meal, and trying to find new ways to prepare vegetables is a challenge. However, I came upon some really tasty veggies I hadn’t regularly tried before (e.g.Kale, Brussels Sprouts, etc.).
  • Almost no carbs: I mean it. There are very very few carbs in this diet. Even fruits were extremely limited (if not banned altogether). The point is to make sure you’re feeding your muscles protein while starving your fat cells of carbs.


  • Cut fat early; gained muscle mass as the diet continued.
  • Grew extremely lethargic over the course of the first 4 weeks. Body craved carbs for energy (wife mentioned some faint “irritableness”).
  • By the end, did not crave carbs, but felt like they provided a huge boost to my energy levels.
  • Ended up losing about 12 pounds of fat in first month and a half, then regaining much of that weight (about 8 pounds) back in muscle.


I don’t know that I’ll do this particular diet over again, however, it did set the tone for my year (in regards to fitness) and provided some solid guidelines that I am continuing to follow post-diet. My current fitness regimen (primarily centered Crossfit workouts) would make it almost impossible to exist without some carbs in my diet. However, I most certainly will diet again. I had not seen physical gains like this since my Sophomore year of college (first foray into working out regularly).

Let me know if this quick snapshot is helpful. As I stated at the beginning, fitness is a really important piece of my life, and I’d love to share/discuss how other professionals and marketers are using fitness to advance their lives/careers. You can find this specific diet here, and I’d love answer any questions you might have when launching into this diet at: adam at .

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