Thinking Back & Thankfulness

I attended my youngest brother’s high school graduation this past weekend. What I thought would be a fun time to see family, friends, and enjoy some beautiful spring South Carolina weather ended up being all of those things with an added benefit.

Perhaps it was the fact that he graduated from the same high-school as I, or just watching my mini-me get a diploma, but I have been reminiscing and reflecting quite a bit on how the last 10 years have changed me. The biggest and greatest memory I’ve taken away from this reflection is the people. I’ve been incredibly blessed to meet, work, play, and live with some absolutely incredible people over the last 10 years. Honestly, without those people in my life – I’m not sure what would’ve become of me. The person I am today as compared to who I was 10 years ago are vastly different in terms of confidence, ability, opinions, and choices. Some key, selfless, and committed people who invested their time and love in my life are to thank for that.

In the wake of my deep nostalgia/reflection, I’ve gotten to reconnect with a few of the people who I no longer get to see on a daily basis. I’ve really enjoyed shooting quick texts to thank them for their love and care, and the conversation that inevitably flows from it.

If you’ve got people who have invested in you or helped you reach where you are today, try telling them what they mean to you. It’s a thoroughly humbling experience that I’ve enjoyed, and I bet you won’t regret.

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