Market Where Your Customers Are

Decided to try a new approach and create an infographic visualizing the need for marketers (businesses, etc.) to approach customers where they are today. We all know mobile is important and ever-growing. I think, however, that we become numb to the staggering growth that continues to exist in the marketplace.


Some highlights:

  • 50% of consumers own a smart tv?! That’s a staggering platform that is severely underutilized currently. When discussing with a friend, he pointed out that the platform is under-used due to the differences in technology between TV brands. Fair enough. The point remains, that the wave of smart TV’s continues to inundate the market and will be fair game for marketers moving forward.
  • 38% of consumers plan to buy a tablet in the next 12 months. Who says tablets are useless? Clearly, there is more ground here to cover (and more dollars to be for brands to claim).
  • 54% of consumers plan to buy a smartphone in the next 12 months. Smartphones are the new TVs. Much like TVs used to be purchased once every year or two, smartphones have become a disposable (yet pricey) object that most consumers view as necessary. It will be very interesting to see when brands begin to leverage mobile as a native platform, and serve other platforms as a secondary focus (desktop, tv, etc.).

It’s clear mobile has become the platform of choice for the majority of consumers. When they look for a brand, experience, service, product, etc. will they find you?

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