Let Me Tell You About My Friend Benny

For some reason, God has surrounded my life with some remarkable people who are doing incredible things. In this series, I’d like to introduce you to some of my super-friends and the inspiring work they are doing. Let me tell you about …my friends.

“Baaa-baayyyyyyyyyyy, What up son?! How’s your beautiful family? How’s your wife? How’s that wonderful dog Bella? Isn’t God so good, dude?! I am STOKED about what he’s doing in our lives!”


<—This is my friend Benny.

The quotations above are a sampling of any random conversation that I may have had with Benny over the course of the last 8 years that we’ve known each other. Benny is the friend that skipped class to pray with me once when a girl was playing ‘red light green light’ in college. Sometimes, he’d stay up all night excited to talk about his plans to serve in South America one day (although he was working on the railroad at the time). Even today, he texts ME thoughts of encouragement and love. Because you know, I have it so rough living in my own house with my wife, and working a great job. Yeah.

Benny is a hurricane of encouragement, love, and passion for the Gospel that is extremely rare in my generation (DEFINITELY including myself).

Right now, 100 orphans in Honduras are experiencing Hurricane Benny.

About a year ago, Benny moved to a place in Honduras that acts as home for 100 kids that have been abused, neglected, orphaned, or have parents who can’t care for them. He teaches them about the Bible and serves as the pastor. Sometimes, they love him and climb on him hoping he’ll be their “Papi.” Sometimes they hate him. All of the time, they want him to hold them, play with them, and love them. Personally, I think its just hard for them to accept the tidal waves of love Benny has to offer with no expectation in return.

Benny has sacrificed what most people would say are his prime years for working, earning money, gaining experiences, etc. and has chosen to serve and love the kids that no one else really cares about. He teaches them English so they can grow up and get jobs. He teaches them sports and athletics so they stay healthy. Most importantly he teaches them about the love that Jesus has for each of them, and then he shows them that love the best that he is able. bennwkids

Last time I talked to Benny he told me, “There have been many very hard and frustrating days, but the joy that is found in serving these kids and my God far surpasses any struggle that I’ve encountered along the way.”

Right now, Benny could use some money to help him continue serving these kids. He’s also looking for partners to help teach and love the kids. If you’re interested in learning about that you can click here, or you can email him at Ben.Fortney@bmdmi.org.

I’m really proud of my friend Benny. He lives everyday with the passion I can only hope to conjure up a couple of times a year. I try to pray for him everyday. You should too.

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