Hiking the Presidential Traverse in the White Mountains of NH

Hey guys! Thanks for taking a minute to checkout the site. I write/post because I’ve always really enjoyed both reading and writing, and I need an outlet to work out ideas and communicate them publicly (whether anyone reads them or not, it helps me to be accountable to an “audience” besides myself).

Usually, my posts will fall into one of three categories: finding meaning in work and learning in a career, learnings through life experiences and relationships, or the occasional post on one of my running/outdoor training adventures.

Right now, I work in digital marketing as a strategist for large brands. This means I get to be a storyteller, and help companies share their vision through various kinds of media. It’s a lot of fun.

Sarah is my best friend, biggest supporter, and partner in life, work, and travel

Most importantly I believe in Jesus, and try to let my relationship with him drive the rest of my life. I’m married to Sarah, and am lucky enough that she has the patience to experience lots of places, people, and challenges with my loud self beside her. Additionally, I really enjoy running on trails, torturing myself with Philly sports, and destroying a bag of tortilla chips accompanied by a large bowl of guac. Hmm.

– Adam

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